Three steps to help with harnessing data for more intelligent marketing

Information is the engine that powers much of our modern economy. Superior data analysis confers a competitive advantage. You may have lots of customer data, but if it’s siloed and unorganized, it’s not working for you.

If you’re like many businesses, rather than a three-dimensional view of your customer, you have unconnected data points, living in siloed datasets across too many systems.

To get actionable insights from your customer data, you need to gather your data on individual customers into unique profiles, and store them in a single location. Then, you can unlock the ability to match customer interactions with the right contact profile, allowing you to deliver personalized marketing messages that pique your customer’s true interest.

Consumers face constant demands for their attention. You might have a tiny window of time, perhaps just a minute or two, to get information in front of someone’s eyeballs.

Without a targeted message that speaks specifically to that person, will they move on? And, will you lose an opportunity?

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